Frequently Asked Questions

Are your courses charged?
At the moment, all our courses are available free of charge.

What is the difference between your day and evening courses?
Courses offered during the daytime are vocational training courses, while our evening courses are career development training courses.

Do you cover the costs of transportation, food, insurance, etc? No, we do not cover any of these expenses under no circumstance.

Where do you give your trainings?
Our trainings are given at the Demirtas Organiz ndustrial Zone’s centre.

Do you award certificates at the completion of trainings?
According to the examinations conducted, your instructors will award you either an MOE-approved participation certificate or an achievement certificate at the completion of the training.

Can more than one course be applied for?
No, every trainee can only apply for a single unit of training. If multiple applications are made, consideration will be made only on the first application.