The President’s Speech

Dear youths,

In this day and age there exists a great deal of competition between individuals and companies. In this intensive and dense competition, only those who are innovative, technologically driven, and those who solely believe in team spirit stand out.

Within this framework, BUTGEM, which shares a similar vision with representatives of the Bursa business world and operates within the framework of BTSO Educational Foundation, now provides you with the required qualities necessary for a successful career.

Training programs drafted and designed by industrialists and business men are made available to you through the services of our inestimable teaching staff.

Until Today, BUTGEM has succeeded in training over 15,000 youths. Before the completion of their training program, a demand for the employment of these youths is made by our industrialists and businessmen. While 80% of our young BUTGEM graduates are directly employed, the remaining 20% provide support for the development of our city and country through vocational development programs.

In an attempt to train qualified intermediate staff, we have adopted a new project aimed at developing the capacity of BUTGEM, with which so far, over 700 training programs have been organised. We provided 1.6 million TL worth of funds from BEBKA to our ‘’ BTSO-BUTGEM Strengthening the Capacity of Lifelong Training for Qualified Intermediate Staff’’ project. Thereby, we are now offering you a much stronger service in BUTGEM with a structure characterized by the creation of new training laboratories and the development of existing fields.

You are the ones who will move our city, region and country into a stronger position in the world. We will easily actualize our aims and objectives through value-added products that will arise from your acquired skills and abilities. I hope you take maximum advantage of our training programs which will make you be one step ahead in life.

Ibrahim Burkay
Chairman of the Board of BTSO and BUTGEM