The Names of Heroes of Democracy were immortalised on a monument weighing 107 tons.

 ‘July 15 Monument of Martyrs’ will be the symbol of Democracy Victory

Mr. İbrahim Burkay, BTSO President of Board of Directors: 
“We will never forget our July 15 heroes of democracy” 

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) immortalised the names of 250 heroes, who sacrificed their lives without batting an eyelid for our country on July 15 which is one of the most important democracy victory during the history of Turkish Republic, on a monument weighing 107 tons. Mr. İbrahim Burkay, BTSO President of Board of Directors, mentioned that they never forget the struggle for bravery of July 15 Martyrs and said “ With the Belief of ‘One Nation, One Flag, One Homeland, One State’, we will eternize our democracy epic of July 15 when our nation was of one heart for our indivisible integrity of our homeland on this monument consisting of a single piece.”
The opening ceremony of the monument, designed on a single piece of gigantic stone with the aim of symbolizing our national unity, by carving the names of 250 martyrs by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as an umbrella organization of Economy in Bursa and commemorative ceremony held by BTSO and July 15 foundation together carried out at the BTSO July 15 Martyrs Vocational and Educational Complex. Mr. İbrahim Burkay, BTSO President of Board of Directors, who gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the monument having 8-meter width and 5-meter height, said that they were witnesses to one of the most treacherous plans fastening on national will and the future of state on 15th July 2016.
Mr. President Burkay emphasised that our nation did not let traitors conquer the state by fighting to the last drop of their blood against demonic desires of FETO (Fethullah Gulen Terrorist Organisation). Mr. President İbrahim Burkay, who reminded the lines of a poetry written by Poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy, said: “Our people came together at open places with flags in their hands, by performing ablution and saying goodbyes to their kith and kin at that dark and long night. With the belief of “Patriotism comes from faith” they took a stand against tanks, weapons, and aircrafts like monuments. Our brave nation showed unique heroism again as they did in Çanakkale, during the Turkish War of Independence. I once again make mention of our martyrs and veterans, who will hold this honourable rank until doomsday, with respect, gratitude and mercy.
Mr. President Burkay mentioned that they were one of the first reactive institutions against treacherous coup attempt as of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and reminded that they renamed schools, dormitories, and conference halls located in Yeniceabat Vocational Education Campus with the name of July 15 Martyrs such as Ömer Halisdemir, Abdullah Tayyip Olçok, Erol Olçok, Halil Kantarcı, Prof. Doc. İlhan Varank, Türkan Türkmen Tekin and Mustafa Cambaz. Mr. Burkay who mentioned that July 15 Martyrs’’ Monument built in education complex by using a special marble block, said “This special monument will be a symbol of sacrifice and experiences shown on 15th July to hand down the next generations.”
Democracy Epic will never be forgotten
Mr. President Burkay who mentioned that 250 ceramic cloves keep the spirit of democracy martyrs alive, said “Our nation will raise many children who will get inspired from our democracy martyrs such as Ömer Halisdemir, who fired bullet firstly against coup plotters at the risk of his life. With the Belief of ‘One Nation, One Flag, One Homeland, One State’, we will eternize our democracy epic of July 15 when our nation was of one heart for our indivisible integrity of our homeland on this monument consisting of a single piece.”
Mr. Burkay mentioned that we will be on squares for democracy on 15th July Democracy and National Unity Day as of business world, and said “We will never forget July 15. We will always support families of martyrs and veterans as of Bursa business world. I would like to thank our nation that protects democracy, The President of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who encouraged the nation with his determination, Prime Minister of Republic of Turkey, Mr. Binali Yıldırım and the government, our security forces fighting against the coup attempt, our political parties and NGOs who came out against traitors.”
Mr. Remzi Topuk, BTSO President of the Assembly, mentioned that Turkish nation were tested for democracy and freedom extremely on 15th July 2016 and said “People who would like to black Turkey out could not achieve this objective. Our nation did not let it be. Nobody can take the independence of our people who have died for our country for many centuries. The democracy struggle of our nation, which has the spirit of national unity and solidarity, will continue forever.”
Mr. Efkan Ala, Bursa Deputy and Former Minister of Internal Affairs said “July 15 is the date of democracy protection. The traitors attacked our nation by wearing our military uniform. Our nation has not experienced such a shamefulness in its history. Traitors were plunged into darkness of the history on 15th of July. Nobody will be able to destroy this nation’s head high. Thanks to Mr. Ibrahim Burkay, the president of board of directors who aims not to let people forget the day and gave this monument as a gift for our city, and to the members of board of directors.”
July 15 Monument will never let people forget the history
Mr. İzzettin Küçük, Governor of Bursa mentioned that July 15 was not a coup but was a terrorist attempt and said “Terror organization that had tried to steal our children, money and exam questions for 40 years, attempted to take charge of the country, but was caught red-handed and parried. Milestone dates such as July 15 should be handed down the next generations and remembered with monuments and works. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry brought this beautiful monument into existence so as to hand martyrs’ sacrifice and courage of our nation down from generation to generation. Thanks to them.”
Turkish People wrote a big history
Mr. Recep Altepe, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor mentioned that July 15 was one of the biggest struggles of the world history and said “All of us ran to the squares that day. Plans being made by traitors for 40 years were reversed in a few hours. Turkish people wrote a big history. We will never forget our heroes. We will never let people forget these all betrayal preparations and schemes made by external powers. We will build a strong country together.”
Mr. Tarık Şebik, President of July 15 Foundation said “Global Zionism supporters met with resistance like it was 100 years ago at our 1000-year-old country. They suffered a great disappointment. It is a proud for me to be a member of this nation that fought so as not to let country’s occupation. I thank BTSO that brought our nation this enormous monument which will keep the flame of our democracy epic in minds.
Families of martyrs and veterans participated also
Bursa deputies, Bursa garrison and gendarme commander Brigadier Ahmet Hacıoğlu, Osmangazi Municipality president Mustafa Dindar, provincial police chief Selami Yıldız, President of BursaSpor Ali Ay, many institution representatives, BTSO Board of Directors, President of Bursa Commodity Exchange Özer Matlı, presidents of districts’ trade and industry centres and nongovernmental organizations participated  the program. Families of July 15 martyrs and veterans participated the program. Families of brave martyrs and veterans were presented plaques.