BUTGEM - BTSO Education Foundation Had Pride of World Place for the Second Time with Its Achievements

BUTGEM which provides 3.000 young with getting profession opportunities within the body of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, advanced to final in the best “Education and Training Project” of 2017 World Chambers Competition including all chambers of commerce and industry in global scale.

Bursa Design and Technology Development Centre (BUTGEM) which carries out studies within the body of BTSO Education Foundation to increase the number of qualified personnel that the industry needs are still hungry for success. BUTGEM which is cited as an example institution in the 2015 Human Development Reports published by the United Nations Development Program and presented to the world as an example project at the Indian Professionals Congress goes on to the finals in the best “Education and Training Project” of World Chambers Competition. World Chambers Competition was organized in 4 different categories which includes all chambers of commerce and industry in global scale and is organized by the International Chamber of Commerce and World Chambers Federation. BUTGEM is considered worthy to be one of the last 4 finalists in the best “Education and Training Project” by the panel of judges who carried out extensive evaluation for the competition which received 53 project applications from 27 countries.

The final projects will be presented in Sidney, Australia on 19. September 2017. The projects which take first in 4 different categories will be announced on 21 September 2017 at the award ceremony of World Chamber Competition.


Mr. İbrahim Burkay, BTSO President of the board of directors who mentioned that success of BUTGEM got beyond the limits which is instrumental in both getting a profession and career development for more than 22.000 young people by this time, said: “BUTGEM has once again demonstrated how important it is ad an international project. BUTGEM, which almost 3 thousand young people benefit annually, provides business people with solution on qualified personnel that they need. Moreover, our children get chance to prepare for their future profession thanks to summer training courses.”


Mr. President Burkay, who mentioned that BUTGEM represents our country successfully in the international arena on vocational education, said “It is proud that BUTGEM advanced to final of World Chambers Competition that received 53 projects application. I believe that BUTGEM will win the first place in finals to be held in September.” Thanks to all who supported BUTGEM to come down, and I invite our young people to attend trainings organized by BUTGEM which is cited as an example by international institutions.”